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We'll delivery Nostalrius Gold to you via Auction House, you need to post one or more items in Auction House to sell. Amount less than 100G: please post an uncommon(Green) item; Amount 100G-300G: please post a Rare(Blue) item. Each post must be under 100G, if you wanna buy more than 100G, please post two or more items, please try to keep the same ones, if use diferent items, please note it on comment. Notice that You cover the 5% trade tax fee.
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For any fans of “classic” World of Warcraft, one of the most exciting projects in some time has been created – Nostalrius. Otherwise known as Elysium, this is a service which is built upon the idea of reviving the old-school, classic World of Warcraft experience. With some people feeling that the modern edition of the popular MMO does not do the original justice, this exciting new opportunity is already well in development. However, for anyone who did play classic WoW, you’ll no doubt remember just how hard it was to get access to gold!
Gold was a huge problem in early days WoW, with the cash it took to get an Epic Mount putting most people off putting in the effort. However, now, with the return of Elysium, you can pick up Nostalrius Gold from our servers. We can help you get that Epic Mount in no time at all. We can help you purchase the materials needed to make a 40-man raid on Ragnaros possible once again, and we’ll find everything that you could possibly need to make old-school WarCraft fun once again.
Whether you played it in the past or never got the chance, with our Cheap Nostalrius Gold packages you can easily see what all the fuss was about back in the mid-2000s!
One the jewel of the MMO world, it’s very exciting to be able to help more modern players compare and contrast the game of today with the old thing. With our Cheap Elysium Gold service, though, you can make sure you get to see it without hours of mindless, soul-destroying grinding!
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