How to Place an Order from Us?


Many people who dont have Net buying Experience always like to ask us how to order on our website. This article will tell you the detailed process of this.

Register a personal account on our website first, fill out your valid phone number and real life name making sure we can get contacts with you timely for your order delivery.
Choose the products you would like to buy. For gold options, there are three ones. Runescape Gold option, RS 2007 Gold option, Deadman Mode Gold option and Darkscape Gold option. If you want to buy 10M RS 07 Gold then choose Runescape 2007 gold option and click on “buy now”. It will takes you go to the page to fill out your order information. Input your correct character name on the spaces then check out. You can choose the payment method which is convenient to you, Like PayPal you are using, then choose PayPal option and it will go to the PayPal account payment page. At this time, if you dont have a paypal account, that is fine, you can use your credit card to link to a temporary PayPal to pay, it will work well then.
After submit your order and payment goes through on our company PayPal, you can visit our Live chat online support and talk to our operator and tell him you paid. Remember to show us your Payment email or invoice ID, our customer service will go to check up your order and arrange delivery. When delivery is ready, we will tell you the delivery method.

You can send email to us or chat online if any question before buying. Maybe you are new comer of us and you can not trust our website completely. You can try to ask us if we do have Runescape Gold stock before pay happens. We response buyers’ email and chat message online instantly all the time. We’re sure you will get satisfied with our service once you are served for one time.

For Runescape Power leveling service, if you are worried to put account and password on website, you can give us the information after payment done through our service email.

And if you dont get replied on Live chat or email timely, that means power off or something happened, dont worry, you can add our skype which user name listed on our website page. We will contact you later.

This is whole placing order process, enjoy your playing and buying on MMOBAG.