Myreque Memorial of RuneScape


Runescape Myreque Memorial system updated, then you can get bonus through this. Then what bonus you will receive, you can follow this article to get answers.

The brave Veliaf needs your help to build a memorial to remember the sacrifices that precede River of Blood. Gather materials, construct the monument and every day you can build a new statue to each of the 10 fallen Myreque heroes that it depicts.

You will earn Construction XP for building each of these statues as well as Prayer XP when you complete each one by adorning it with an object of reverence.Return and talk to Veliaf each day to add a new statue.

You can also receive an early bird bonus of more than 100,000 XP in total if you complete all 10 statues on the memorial between now and 23:59 on 30 April. This XP will be given across the Skills that receive XP rewards in all the Myreque quests so far. When doing the quests, you may need to spend some RS Gold on it. Note that you also have the option to reject being awarded any combat XP from this early bird bonus, should you wish to.

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